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glass dragonfly

Hey, look...

Here's another piece...

Another acrylic on paper. This one is about 10" x 12"


I've been thinking the same thing. I just need a real camera to take real pictures of them that would reproduce well. Once I photograph them I will be offering the originals for sale. I'll sell the prints once the original is sold.

But, my 12 year old broke my fantabulous camera. So now I need to borrow a good one or beg for photographic helpers from beyond...
Lovely! The painting really pops against the backround
I am enjoying your post. I really love this one.

You should look into Etsy and see what it takes to sell on there and if it would be worth it.
I will be opening up an etsy shop in the near future. I need to get these photographed with a proper camera to be print-worthy. As you may have seen on FB, my darling Taty's friends Broke my good camera and cracked the internal circuit boards. Now I'm borrowing this 2megapixel sad thing. I Need a good camera to appear magically so I can set up some prints for sale, or note cards, or poster sizes...