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glass dragonfly

Well hello....

Well guess what, I'm still alive and kicking.

I now have Kayla back, and her little brother has joined us. It took less than 8 months for mom to fall off the horse and start abandoning her kids with friends so she can get high. With a house now full of 6 kids you can only imagine how hectic things can be around these parts.

Around here, we are also packing up the rental house and going back to my vacant house. Since the bank denied the short sale and then sabotaged any attempts to continue to sell home while I was gone, we're busting the lock and playing a new game. I think I'll call it "Occupy My Street". Bank never forced me to leave. So, I'm goin back in....


Hi :) I've missed you.

Well. I'm sorry things didn't work out with their mom, but, truthfully, I am more happy they are back with you than sorry. Those kids belonged with you all along, I think. I know it makes your life that much more hectic, though. And I think moving back into your house is a great idea. Good move :) I've heard that a huge proportion of foreclosures were actually illegal. Do you think yours might fall into that category?
Wow, whilst it can't be easy to have that many kids under one roof I'm so happy that they can be in a safer environment.

Good luck with the house.
Hello! Hello! Happy Birthday! :D

Oh Hai!!

Hi there!! I'm still around. Best found on Facebook these days. Thank you for the Birthday wishes. It's always nice to hear from old friends :)